We want you to have more in life

At Improva we have a simple goal with every surgery we perform – To improve your quality of life. And we always demand the high standards in our work that you deserve. Our qualifications meet top international standards and we continuously strive to be at the very forefront of surgical development. We utilize the best and most up-to-date methods and materials.

But we also believe that an important aspect of quality is your complete experience. That’s why we always take great care to be personal as well as serious and respectful every time we meet with a patient. It is important that we understand each other, and that you may present your wishes and expectations without feeling rushed. This is fundamental to informing you of the pros and cons of different solutions, as well as to making a plan that gives you top quality results.

On this website you can read more about us, and our way of plastic surgery. And you are more than welcome to get in touch for a consultation.